• Tess Who?

    Just who is this Makovesky woman anyway?

Tess Who?

Liverpool lass Tess moved away to work at a tender age. Since then her movements around the country have resembled a game of ‘Pong’, but she’s now settled in the far north of England where she roams the fells with a brolly, dreaming up new stories and startling the occasional sheep.

Tess writes a distinctive brand of British comedie noir and her short stories have darkened the pages of over a dozen anthologies and magazines. She sets much of her work around the city of Birmingham (the original one in the UK), in particular the leafy but dubious suburbs, the back streets, and of course, the many canals. She often includes references to Pink Floyd songs, not to mention the occasional elephant.

Her latest book 'Embers of Bridges', set in Birmingham and featuring the Live Hard, Die Young gang is newly available on Kindle and (free) on Kindle Unlimited. Noir romp 'Gravy Train', featuring a bunch of losers chasing a bag of money around Birmingham, is published by All Due Respect, while a new edition of her hit first book 'Raise the Blade', a dark psychological noir also set in Birmingham, is available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.

Tess on a blog

Want to find out more? Why not head to Tess's blog, where she posts regular (well, usually) snippets about her writing, crime books and movies, and Birmingham.